We Won That War
We Won That War

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Our Goal
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Why We won that War

Upon living the experience of serving with the Army Infantry, 49th Infantry Scout Dog Platoon, assigned to the 199th Light Infantry Brigade from February ’67 to March ’68.  The 12 Battalions of the 199th were perimeter defense for Saigon.  It was always an opinion that we won – since we never lost a battle.   Not until reading Bruce Herschensohn’s book, his facts & truth revealed a final confirmation to that opinion.
On January 27, 1973 the Paris Peace Accords were signed guaranteeing the free society of South Viet Nam – the war is over.  The driving force for this victory was the American Infantry and all of it’s supporting units that allowed for this resounding accomplishment.  The TET Offensive by the Communist attack was such a huge loss in men and material that it was evident that they could not defeat the combined forces of America and it’s Ally the South Vietnamese Army.




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America's best affirmation

This is a Letter to Gabe Villasenor, one of his clients - a Vietnamese, She wrote this to him after learning that he served in Vietnam.

“My pleasure and honor to know you and your family. My deep gratitude to you and your comrades who sacrificed for my people's freedom. The South Vietnamese got 20 years to live in democracy and human dignity. We could never pay you back for what you did for us. History can not be fixed, but the relationship we got during the war is gold. I still pray rosary for the souls of all your friends who got hurt and died for my homeland. Only God could pay you back for what you have been doing for the world' peace. God bless you all.” Angela

We Won That War - not by government declaration, but by the people’s Affirmation.

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